I have had a running argument with friends and family for a long while over Desert Island Discs. I maintain that the format is only interesting when the guest is someone you know, or of general interest to you. Their argument is that everyone can be interesting. I disagree, I don’t care what the head of the CBI listens to. I am similarly disinterested in the life story of the director of the National Ballet.

However, I must confess that the unknown guest can be an absolute joy. Of all the things that have tempted me to create a blog and start writing, Jan Pienkowski was not one I saw coming. I caught him on Desert Island Discs on Sunday. I knew about the Meg & Mog books but I didn’t know about his other work.

This is one of the great joys of listening to radio online, if you want to know what someone or their work looks like you can just Google them. I did just that and 2 of the pics are attached. His stuff is beautiful! Full of Eastern European mystery and menace but also wonderfully intricate and feminine. I was struck at once by how different his style of art is to mine. I am all angular warnings and revolutionary colours. I am now looking for some books of his or, even better, some prints to hang.

Whilst on the subject of Desert Island Discs here are three of my other favourites.

1. I discovered Rufus Wainwright when somebody, I forget who, chose his “My Phone’s on Vibrate for You”. A wonderful song and a fascinating guy.
2. Simon Cowell chose a mirror as his luxury because… “I will miss me” What a total wanker!
3. Artist Cornelia Parker chose a solar powered vibrator as her luxury.

PS. Grayson Perry was outstanding on Have I Got News for You tonight. Very funny.