Confined to barracks all day. We flitted between Judite’s and Teo and Leo’s as they are only four doors apart. Finished my last Silk Cut Silver mid-afternoon and I’m ready to quit.

7pm – Insisted on going out for a walk to the supermarket with a view to purchasing some other brand of mild cigarettes. They had Marlboros but I couldn’t tell if they were lights or not. The best option appeared to be some local fags called Free. At 7mg tar they were equivalent to Silk Cut Purple and I decided they were too strong so we went in search of a bar selling tabs. The first bar we arrived at had Free and Free Azul (blue) at 4mg tar. Silk Cut Silver are only 1mg tar but, sod it, they would have to do.

Enjoyed a coffee and a cigarette on the balcony at the back of Judite’s house and took some photos of the view (and some rain).