I read recently that the note A has some sort of restorative theraputic effect. It didn’t specify which register it was in. The person who came up with the theory suggested that radio stations could play songs in A for 20 minutes a day to benefit all the listeners.

I was immediately struck by the idea of a playlist featuring only songs in A major. My old man thought it was a terrible idea having a bunch of random songs thrown together just because of the key. I thought, why not, its as good a theme as any other I have come up with. My only worry was that they might sound a bit samey.

So I set about it. I searched online for a list of songs in A major and started picking out the tunes that I already owned and threw them into a new playlist. Then I downloaded 5 new tracks to “freshen up” the list. All that remained was a title for the playlist, no brainer.

After a few listens I can report that the playlist is neither terrible nor samey. I was right, its as good a reason as any other to put a bunch of music together. I like it. The mix includes Led Zeppelin, Daft Punk, Kings of Leon, Mazzy Star, Prince, Lorde and Muddy Waters.

As with all my playlists it needs some tweaking. There are always a couple of tracks which stick out like a sore thumb and must be removed. It has only 35 songs at present but I might add more to it. As to it’s regenerative benefits, we shall see…